About HP for Education

What is HP for Education?

HP for Education is an online portal designed for educational establishments to receive cash and gift rewards for purchasing HP Products.

As a HP Partner, Education Establishments can choose to spend their rewards with you. When they do we will add 10% extra to the value automatically.

How do I get involved?

  • Contact your HP Account manager to become a HP Education Partner.
  • When you become a HP Education Partner you will be supplied with a user account.
  • Receive notifications of funds allocated.
  • Arrange the sale of HP equipment.
  • Claim in your account.
  • Get paid in 60 days.

How do I redeem my allocated funds?

As a registered member an account is set up for you, funds are allocated to your account and to receive the funds simply arrange the sale of HP equipment and claim the funds back within your account.

Claims will be paid in 60 days of validation to the nominated bank account.