You can choose to spend your rewards with a HP Preferred Partner*. If you choose to spend with one of our partners we will give you 10% extra on the reward value in your account.

Partners you can purchase qualifying products from and spend rewards with
BT Business Direct
CCS Media
European Electronique
Getech Education
RM Education
Products and Services suppliers you can spend your rewards with
Tablet Academy

To allocate funds, simply log into your account, select the funds available to a HP Preferred partner and allocate the amount you wish to spend. Your HP Partner will contact you, alternatively, click here for contact details for the HP Preferred Partners. If you would like to spend your funds on Educational supplies, please click here to vew the online Rewards Catalogue.

  • Purchase a HP Product from a HP Preferred Partner

  • Participate in a HP for Education Promotion

  • Receive Cash Rewards

  • Choose to spend your Rewards* with a HP Preferred Partner. Receive 10% more on your cash back value when you do!

*Rewards can only be spent with a Preferred Partner you have purchased from or with Frog, Tablet Academy or BKSB

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