1. Upon successfully registering on the HP for Education Portal you will be eligible to receive various cash rewards, gifts and discounts using reward values earned through the participation in various promotions featured on this website (hpfe.com).
  2. The HP for Education Portal is open to Schools, Colleges and Academies only, located within mainland UK, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland. HP for Education is not open to employees of HP, their agents, wholesalers, resellers, retail staff, retailers, participating stockists or anyone connected with the promotions on this website.
  3. Only one successful account registration per Educational Establishment is permitted. Only authorised permanent employees and direct representatives (“Primary Contact”) of the Educational Establishment are permitted to register on behalf of their Educational Establishment.
  4. The Primary Contact must notify HP of any changes to the Primary Contact. Contact details can be found on the Support page on this website.
  5. You may participate in one promotion only for any qualifying product purchased.

Registering an Account

  1. To register for an account ensure that you are on the correct country site for the location of your Educational Establishment. Your registration request must be submitted from the country of your Educational Establishment.
  2. Select ‘Register Now’. You will be required to supply the following Educational Establishment details;

    • Name
    • Full Registered address
    • Authorised Primary Contact details
    • Bank account details of the Educational Establishment. Under no circumstances will payments be made to an individual or an account not belonging to the Educational Establishment. The bank account details provided will be used to pay validated cash reward claims.
  3. If the registered bank account details change HP must be notified immediately via the Support page located on this website. Please do not email or post any bank account details. HP will not be held responsible for payments made to bank accounts incorrectly entered or changed.
  4. During the registration process you will be asked to supply a password for the account to be used by the Primary Contact only. HP will not be held responsible for lost or shared passwords. HP does not store any passwords. Passwords can be reset by requesting a password reset upon logging into your account.
  5. Cash rewards will be made in Pounds Sterling or Euro depending on the country the account is registered in.
  6. Upon registering for HP for Education we will send you an email to confirm submission. Your details will be verified by one of our agents and the outcome of your registration will be communicated to you within three (3) working days.
  7. Upon successful registration of your account on this website you will be eligible to participate in HP for Education promotions available on this website.
  8. To submit claims on HP for Education promotions you will need to log into your account select the promotion you wish to participate in, and submit your online claim following the promotion specific instructions.

HP Education Rewards

  1. All qualifying products have an associated monetary reward value, and on successful validation of claims made on promotions featured on this website the applicable reward will be added to your account fund (“Educational Rewards”).
  2. Educational Establishments are entitled to participate in any HP promotion, only rewards for validated claims on promotions on this website will appear in your account and only one claim per qualifying product can be made and cannot be combined with any other promotion.
  3. Qualifying purchase criteria are detailed within the individual promotions which can be found on this website. Rewards vary by Promotion, Purchase Period, and Qualifying Product purchased. For full details please refer to the specific promotions detailed on this website.
  4. Reward totals and values will be displayed in your user account. Cash rewards will be paid directly into the nominated bank account or can be used for selected offers on this website offered via though HP Specialist Partners. For more details please see the HP Specialist Partners page on this website.
  5. Education Rewards may also be used to purchase products from within the Rewards Catalogue. Products purchased through the Rewards Catalogue with be fulfilled with 21 days following the date of order. Please can we then re-order the subsequent numbers.
  6. Promotional specific Terms and Conditions apply to promotions detailed on this website.
  7. Offers that reward funds can be redeemed against must be claimed within 15 days of the date of the first validated claim. Funds not redeemed on offers within this period will be paid directly into the registered bank account within 45 days of the individual claim validation date.
  8. To participate in offers select ‘Offer’ against the validated funds in your account for the specific offer. You will be sent an email confirming the request and the HP Specialist Partner will contact you to arrange fulfilment of the Offer. To add funds to your preferred Specialist HP Partner select ‘Spend’. Your nominated HP Specialist Partner will receive notification of the funds you have made available to spend with them on any product. You have 15 days to make a purchase with the HP Specialist Partner with the day you select ‘Spend’ or ‘Offer’ counting as day 1.
  9. Unused or unspent funds will be automatically added back to your account on day 31 from the date you selected Spend or Offer.
  10. If funds are used that are less than the value of the amount used to spend with the HP Specialist Partner these funds will be refunded or credited back from the HP Specialist Partner.
  11. Any funds used for offers and training that are cancelled, changed or amended in any way are the responsibility of HP Education Specialist Partner to either refund or credit to the Educational Establishment.


  1. HP reserves the right to closely monitor usage of the promotional website, including users’ IP addresses, so that we may identify misuse, and disqualify applications.
  2. HP is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other failures or damage of any kind to the extent that this prevents the participant from or otherwise obstructs him/her in participating in the promotion.
  3. If a registration is refused because the terms have not been met, the promoter's decision is final. HP reserves the right to withdraw, amend or terminate the promotion without notice.

Address for correspondence is HP for Education, PO Box 487, Gateshead, NE8 9BQ

Promoter: HP Inc UK Limited Ltd., Amen Corner, Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1HN (please do not send any applications or promotion-related correspondence to this address.)

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